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Import has build a Import module for WordPress/Woocommerce, it can Import into Woocommerce from XML and even old CSV files are supported. For now it is a special routine for Woocommerce, in future we will rebuild it for OpenCart to. We have spend a lot of time to build this WordPress Import module, so its not for free. Or experience with our BatchMove module did us decide to make this a commercial module.

Why we build this Import module? For Woocommerce there are some Import modules available but they are made for all kind of Imports, so you have to find out if the module imports Images and Variations. Our module is special made for Woocommerce, and it will Import Images and Variations. We have the user interface made as easy as possible, the downside of that is there has to be done some predefine for variables. This action is only One time necessary, after that you benefit from this simple and easy interface. On the same time the maintenance of stock, deletion and new products is a peace of cake. We even have implemented a WordPress cronjob, after installation you can make your own decisions about how many time de module should do his actions.

The cost are low, just 25 $ / 20 € a month pro Webshop

It is very simple to use, select the country (if you have multiple countries), after that select the Import Type

Choose your Import typeImport types are:

  • Insert new products
  • Update Stock
  • Delete products
  • Import from all
  • Update all

You can even select a XML or CSV file to import into Woocommerce, the most common way to do is set preference to server paths like:

Every dropshipper (Wholesaler) has its own data-files and paths.

The module is also ready to support Import from multiple Suppliers into One Webshop, without its necessary that they have the same data structure. The module will sorted out and Imports all data what’s available. This module uses language files, so is your language not available yet you can easily build your own language files.

Extra is the possibility to delete All products, be careful deleted is deleted! You can start over all again, but remember that’s a time consuming operation. To Import about 4000 products (with pictures) in Woocommerce it will take some hours to complete.

The development is not finished yet, we have designed a user interface to make easily changes to predefined settings. With this interface you can set for each supplier his own settings, like supplier name, fieldsnames and values.

If you need support, our people are available for support you true the first time use of Importing a large datafile into your Webshop.